Refund Policy


The Client(s) is liable to claim for a refund in a case where:

a) AVICS Consultancy Co. W.L.L has agreed that the company is satisfied to submit the client’s case after which the client’s case is returned with a negative decision

b) Given wrong and untruthful advice with regards to his/her application/case resulting in a negative decision

c) Unable to get Visa/Migration due to the company’s misguidance

IMPORTANT NOTE: All refund(s) are subjected to approval based on the SLA signed by the Client and the company shall comprehend with its given SLA range for refund %

SLA Premium: Payment Option with an Upfront-Full One-time payment plan for the consultancy fee with a refund of 60% on the paid amount after bank % deductions is applicable.

SLA Gold: Payment Option with a Monthly Installment Configured with EMI on 2, 3 or 4 months plan against the total Consultancy Fee, the amount of refund is only applicable to clients who have matured their payment plan and completed the term of the agreement. If the a client, who is found to decline in the payment plan for the SLA Gold package, then their case may be subjected to be withheld on its processing end and hold or null and void with NO REFUND to be subjected to the client as a result of none compliance with the terms and condition of the agreement

SLA Silver: Payment Option with a Payment applicable for each stage. Please note this SLA has a No-Refund Policy, as the client is only subjected to pay for each stage and service that is being provided.

SLA Bronze: Payment Option with the flexibility of choosing how much you will pay for our service against when and how. This plan does not come with our exceptional Customer service or dedicated client service manager. Furthermore, there is a NO-Refund policy subjected.

Please note that a client will not be issued a refund should the client wish to end their agreement with the company before the time of AVICS Consultancy Co. W.L.L submitting the clients Immigration and or Visa application. A refund will only be issued once the relevant Governing body has provided a negative decision on the client’s case. The refunds will be processed on to the original mode of payment.


NOTE (A):- The refund clause mentioned above will applicable subject to the client complying with all the terms of this agreement including but not limited to the clause with respect to the client submitting the documents within time as specified in this agreement.

NOTE (B):- The amount to be refunded (if any as per terms of this contract shall be released after 120 days from the Date Company has received the signed Consent Letter from the client agreeing to the decided refund amount.