Australia has always been one of the most desirable destination for Migrants to resettle. With an effective stream of Immigration Policies, Australia welcomes migrants from all parts of the world.

Australia is a unique and diverse country in terms of culture, population, climate and job opportunities. Having a strong and growing economy, the Australian Government is looking to fill in the gaps for manpower and skills required in their labor market. Hence they have introduced a Points Tested Migration System to find and motivate the right and eligible applicants for migration to Australia.

The Australian Points Tested Migration System is derived from the following factors of an applicant:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Language Ability
  • Relatives
  • State Sponsorship

Each of the factors awards points to the applicants and in order to be eligible to apply for the migration process, applicants would need to score a minimum of 65 points in total. This point’s tested Migration stream is available for applicants under the General Skilled Migration and State/Territory Nominated Migration programs.

Occupations in Demand:

Construction Project Manager Engineering Manager Arts Administrator or Manager Environmental Manager
Engineers (All disciplines) Accountant (General) Management Accountant Internal & External Auditor
Actuary Management Consultant Architect Engineering Technologists
Agricultural Consultant Chemist Food Technologist Medical Laboratory Scientist
Veterinarian Teachers University Lecturer ICT Business Analyst
Systems Analyst Multimedia Specialist Analyst Programmer Developer Programmer
Software Engineer Applications Programmers ICT Security Specialist

Computer Network and Systems Engineer

Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications Network Engineer

Chef Sales and Marketing Manager
Advertising Manager Corporate Services Manager Finance Manager Human Resource Manager
Research and Development Manager Production Manager Supply and Distribution Manager ICT Project Manager
ICT Managers Laboratory Manager Quality Assurance Manager Cafe or Restaurant Manager
Hotel or Motel Manager Accommodation and Hospitality Managers Customer Service Manager Conference and Event Organiser
Company Secretary Financial Investment Adviser Financial Investment Manager Recruitment Consultant
Health Information Manager Librarian Advertising Specialist Marketing Specialist
ICT Account Manager ICT Sales Representative Occupational Health and Safety Adviser Web Developer
Software Tester Database Administrator Systems Administrator Network Administrator
Network Analyst ICT Quality Assurance Engineer ICT Support Engineer Web Administrator
Contract Administrator      


Australia ranks highest among the nations paying a very high level of salaries for skilled professionals. Most of all, everyone who live in Australia on a permanent basis has access to world class health and education systems.

Social Benefit: Australian income support system states that only Australian residents qualify for social security. There is no waiting period for family assistance payments – income supplements intended to assist families with the cost of raising children (such as Family Tax Benefit).

Health Benefit: As a PR, you’ll immediately receive free medical care as part of the Australian government’s basic insurance package. Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world with an excellent balance of public healthcare (Medicare) and a thriving private health sector.

Education: Australian offers diversity in its Education system. All permanent residents have access to free public schools. As a PR, you only pay from half to a third of overseas-student tuition fees and you’ll qualify for various government grants.

Security & Way of Life: Australia is away from biological threats (bird flu/SARS), has a low crime rate, political stability and is a harmonious society. Australia offers the full range of cultural facilities. A good climate is everyone readily associates with Australia.

Infrastructure: Australian network of transport links and telecommunications is first-rate. Australia has one of the highest per capita usage of Internet and telecommunication devices in the world

Language: In a globalize economy, language skills are a key workforce advantage. Although Australia is an English-speaking country, more than 4.1 million of its people speak a second language.

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Services options AVICS has to offer:


(The Family Class Visa Options allows the following entitlements to visit, study, live and or work in Australia, permanently or temporarily)

      • PARTNER (Subclass 309) / SPOUSE (Subclass 100) VISA
      • PARENT AND GRAND PARENTS VISA (Subclass 103)
      • CHILD / DEPENDENT VISA (Subclass 445 – TR) or (Subclass 101 – PR)


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